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Lasix (furosemide) has been specifically developed for the procedure of hypertension yet it could be additionally suggested to deal with edema in clients with heart disease, liver disease, or a kidney ailment. You could take this medicine if you have any one of the conditions discussed and the timetable of taking this medicine will be encouraged by your healthcare supplier based upon your specific necessities. Always take the liquid form of Lasix with the help of an unique measuring tool - a spoon that often has his medication. This is essential to measure the exact dose and avoid taking less or much more than essential. Your blood and liver function will should be examined on a regular basis for your doctor to see if you are gaining from the procedure. The following medications need to be stated to you health care provider if you are using them to make certain you prevent interactions: vitamins, lithium, other medicines for higher blood tension, digoxin, aspirin, probenecid, medicines for diabetic issues, corticosteroids, and indomethacin. Light side effects of Lasix could be experienced at the start of the treatment and consist of the following ones: dizziness, obscured vision, frustration, stomach discomfort, burning, tingly feeling, diarrhea, feeling numb, and constipation. (c) 2010