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Lasix (furosemide) could be suggested for people with heart attack, liver disease, or a kidney disorder that are likewise experiencing fluid retention. In lots of cases this medicine is also suggest for patients with higher blood stress. Prior to you begin taking Lasix consider all the feasible interactions (with lithium, aspirin, medicines for diabetes, corticosteroids, probenecid, digoxin, indomethacin, other medications for hypertension, supplements, and other items), and medical conditions you have that may be contraindications (liver illness, kidney disease, gout pain, diabetic issues, etc). Lasix will certainly should be taken at all times once you begin - if you take it for higher blood tension. Quiting the procedure unexpectedly might induce the signs to come back, or your hypertension will certainly go without symptoms yet will certainly be untreated, being a risk factor for establishing various other diseases. Lasix can often create adverse effects, such as weak point, problem, irregularity, confusion, throwing up, thirst, upset stomach, beclouded lightheadedness, muscle, and eyesight aches, although additional major ones are additionally possible and should be reported to your medical provider as quickly as possible. (c) 2010